Selected Facts about the Birthstone Colors

It is built in human instinct to adorn oneself. For this purpose folks have been using various adornment techniques since the commencement of history. In the beginning, people used birthstones without any intention. Their aim was to prove themselves unique among their contemporary individuals. But as time passed, human became civilized. So, they felt the changes in their lives by wearing the stones. Slowly the gemstones were popular in the market and their use in jewelry was inevitable. In the current age people love to use the prized gemstones. For evaluation of stones Birthstone Colors are the basic entities. Price of the stone is dependent on stones colors.

For instance in birthstone classification Aries Birthstone is diamond and Aries Birthstone Color is one factor that is affecting its market price. Diamonds with various prices are in the market depending on their weight and color. But the most influencing diamond is white or colorless diamond in mineral form. Such diamonds produce high level sheen due to their refractive index. Because of their color people love to wear them and often diamond with this color is preferred in engagement and wedding jewelry. White diamonds are also preferred for 60th anniversary jewelry.

Confusion is Selection of Birthstone Colors

It is to inform you that birthstones have deep association with the months of a year and zodiac system. The study of Birthstone Colors has revealed gemstones associated with two different months have the same colors but their potential attributes and market value varies. We have found two birthstones that are developing the misconception because of their colors. Details are listed below

  • The Color of Sapphire and Lapis is same but the potential attributes are not matching.
  • Likewise Topaz and white Sapphire have matching color with the white or colorless diamond but attributes are different. Diamond is the hardest birthstone in the world but other two birthstones are lacking from these characteristics.

Truths about Birthstone Colors

In the current age you can have two types of gemstones for your personal beautification. These birthstones are natural or mineral birthstones and lab created or synthetic birthstones.

Mineral birthstones are natural birthstones that are naturally created in the rocks under deep earth at very high temperature and pressure. During these chemical changes a part of materials of other rocks mix with the birthstone. These external materials either penetrate in the inner part of the gemstone or make its place on the surface of the stone. These impurities have technical name birthmarks.

Birthmarks are classified into inclusions and blemishes. For inclusions impurities mix in the inner surface of the birthstone and for blemishes impurities make their home at the outer surface of the stone. In both cases birthstone colors become fade and natural hues are lost. In case of diamond you can hardly get a single diamond free from birthmarks out of five thousands.

In case of synthetic birthstones, high temperatures and pressure are created in the lab to create a gemstone. These stones are free from birthmarks. Birthstone Colors for such stones are well defined and attractive as compared to the mineral stones.

All mineral birthstones are not used as gemstones because birthstones colors are affected by the impurities. But the price of mineral gemstones is comparatively low than the lab created stones.

Importance of CUT in Birthstone Colors

Proper application of CUT on the surface of the gemstone makes birthstone colors more prominent and attractive. Ideal CUT in case of diamond disperses, refracts and reflects rays of light to maximum. In such a case diamond also behaves like a prism. Because of ideal CUT on the surface of diamond magical affects are observed.

We select CUT for a birthstone by considering its size. In some cases deep CUT are not recommended as light rays leak. So, phenomenon of dispersion, refraction and reflection don’t work efficiently.

Birthstone Colors for Classification

Classification of mineral gemstones bases on their rarity and values. The below information concerning to birthstone colors is very useful

  • Blue color in gemstones is due to the presence of the Boron traces in them.
  • With defect of crystal lattice Blue , Pink and Brown colors appear in the stones
  • Existence of iron and manganese in the birthstones is main reason of their purple color.
  • Variation in conductivity and cause of yellow color of gemstone is because of nitrogen in the stones.

Reason for Dynamic Characteristic of Birthstone Colors

We have already revealed that existence of birthstone colors is because of some defined reasons like existence of impurities and structural deficiencies. Apart of this, absorption and emission of wavelength of incident light also affects the birthstone Colors.

Color enhancement is another characteristic of the gemstones but it is for lab created stones and not for the mineral gemstones. With the application of irradiation, it is possible to change the color of gemstone.

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