With Solar Power, the Future is Now

With more awareness being spread about the carbon footprint causing global warming, many more companies and individuals have taken initiatives to use more eco-friendly ways of powering their homes and businesses. Thus, in the recent past, renewable energy has been introduced as an alternative energy source instead of the exhaustible resources such as gaseous, solid, and liquid forms of fossil fuels that have damaged the earth long enough. Some of these alternative methods of powering home and business appliances are tidal or hydropower, wind power, solar power, and geothermal power.

Introduction to Solar Power

Solar power cells are photovoltaic devices that convert the energy from the sun’s rays into electrical energy. Solar modules, also known as solar panels, are made from combining two or more solar power cells. Apart from the obvious benefits of using polar power, such as the consumption of energy available in an infinite amount in the environment and the fact that it doesn’t pollute the environment with greenhouse gas emissions, it has a variety of other advantages over other destructive sources of energy.

The installation process of solar power cells is simple and versatile in that it is flexible with where it has been placed. Other than the initial purchase and installation costs, the solar panel system is a zero-bill energy production system with minimal maintenance work requirements, mainly if supplied by one of India’s top rooftop solar companies. For other energy systems, when there is a more considerable distance between the supply points and the production company, there is a moss of energy in some way or the other. In a solar energy system, this issue is nowhere to be found as the panels are near or above your home or business to instantly provide you with the electricity you need. One of the essential advantages that companies and individuals often overlook is that the highest energy production during the peak daylight hours of the day happens to coincide with the period of the highest energy demand by most consumers. Having a solar panel for your home or business is thus the most cost-effective energy system as most would have to pay more during peak energy consumption hours of the day. In contrast, solar power is practically free of cost.

Some Details on Solar Cell Manufacturing

Although many people think there is only one kind of solar power system, solar cell manufacturers in India make solar energy systems in three different available varieties – mono-crystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film. They differ in how they are made, their function, their costs, and how they’re installed. Each type is best suited for different situations.

The mono-crystalline solar cell variety is constructed to function with high efficiency and performance levels. It is an option many with bigger homes and fancier mansions opt for due to its aesthetic appeal and higher costs. It is made from a single wafer of pure crystal of silicon. The polycrystalline solar panel cells variety is the more commonly manufactured and purchased ones for homes and businesses due to its low cost and a mediocre level of efficiency and performance. It is made up of a wafer made by melting together several fragments of silicon crystals and dried in a mold.

Both of these two varieties have cells made up of silicon wafers assembled and framed together in a grid-like formation of rows and columns. This rectangular grid is covered with a glass pane to protect the cells from damage and debris. On the other hand, thin-film solar panel cells are smaller and portable due to their lightweight flexibility. Unlike the previous variety, it does not cut back on its aesthetic appeal but has much less efficiency and performance levels than the first two options.

Choosing the Right Solar Panel for You

Once you have weighed out the pros and cons of replacing your existing energy system with solar-powered panels and have decided to go ahead with the purchase, there are several things to keep in mind to avoid blindly choosing the first solar panel to see. Firstly, make sure to do a decent amount of research to know what is available in the market by the more well-renown solar cell manufacturers in India.

Especially make sure to keep an eye out for the solar products that are being been provided by the top rooftop solar companies in India to get a better understanding of what is being sold more and what seems to be working for their existing clients and customers. Ensure you consider the feedback, ratings, and reviews of previous customers and maybe even try asking your friends and family or business peers for recommendations if they have prior knowledge or experience with solar panels. This will help you get the best product from the reliable solar energy company and the product will work for longer life.

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