How to Prepare for an Electrical Insurance Inspection

Electrical Insurance Inspection – If you are looking for some professional help in checking your house, new wirings, re-wirings, lighting and power installations, fire alarm installations, electrical services Toronto is the best place you can ask for help.

Insurance is very important for homeowners as it gives protection against investment. But in order to gain insurance, you will have to go through several processes. The most important process is the Electrical Insurance Inspection.

What is an electrical insurance inspection?

When people get an insurance policy, sometimes it is required for them to get an electrical insurance inspection. They consider the structure of the building, the electrical units and inspect the house. Not just that, if you are buying a new house and are buying insurance, even then an inspection is needed. So they check if there is a safety hazard, however minimal it may be. They also inspect switches, outlets and circuits. If there is an issue, you might fail the inspection.

Tips and techniques to prepare for an electrical insurance inspection

1. Check safety

According to the state you live in, there are certain safety measures mentioned that you have to take. Checking and making sure that all the safety measures are met should be the primary step to get you started. Call for a commercial electrician in Toronto if you are not sure what those safety measures are. They would help in doing a thorough inspection of the commercial property and give you the best advice forward.

2. Have a conversation with the inspector

Rather than winging it, to call electrical services in Toronto before the inspection and ask what to expect is a good idea. By connecting with the inspection team ahead of time gives you a leeway to observe and check beforehand.

3. Make sure your house has plenty of outlets

If you do not have many outlets, it would prove to be a little difficult for you, especially in your kitchen. Your kitchen has needs for a lot of electrical appliances and if there aren’t enough outlets then it can pose a problem. An inspector would give you a warning about not plugging in several appliances in one socket at the same time. Plugging several appliances in one socket can overload the electric system of the house which can cause serious damage. It might even result in a fire or short circuit. If you are thinking of getting the outlets fixed, search for electrical services in Toronto.

4. Well lit bathroom


The inspector would also check the bathroom thoroughly. That is because obviously electricity and water don’t go well together. The sockets shouldn’t be placed near water or should be in a safe position. The lights should be waterproof, or should at least have a protective waterproof covering.

5. Have a record ready at hand

If your house isn’t new and you are planning to get an inspection, showing the records of when the recent repairs were taken would help. Keep adding different dates and elements to the list and update it regularly with time. The reports should cover all the information about regular home insurance and follow-ups. This would make things a lot easier.

6. Call an electrician before the inspection

What’s better than a mock inspection and to connect with a residential electrician in Toronto. Before the actual date of your inspection, call an electrician to look around your house for anything faulty. If there is, they can repair it then and there. With their keen eye, they might even find things that missed your eye but would definitely have caught the eye of the inspector. Loose wires, broken outlets, faulty fixtures, be it anything. A professional’s help would do wonders.

7. Ensure that all the electric systems are connected

Toronto electrician can make sure that your smoke detector, meters and switches are working and connected. Change the batteries of your smoke detectors to ensure they are working. Also, make sure that the electrician can easily reach them as well. There are more technical things that the inspector might check like, missing/broken electric panels, correctly coloured coded wires, ill-fitting connections, etc. They would also check water leakage in your house if there is any.

8. Don’t forget to check the leaks


If there is a leak anywhere in the structure, it can cause permanent damage to the structure. It can harm the building, causing short circuits due to water leakage. Check the plumbing thoroughly and make sure that there isn’t any leakage or structural damage.

9. Take a look at the roof

A leaking roof can also cause problems in structure and will be thoroughly scrutinized. Make sure that the roof doesn’t have any leaks or holes from where rainwater can leak in. Take extra care of them if you live in areas with heavy rainfall or snow where the water or snow can sit on your roof for extended periods. This could pose a problem. It is important to make immediate repairs if you’re having any problems.


An Electrical Insurance Inspection might not be your favourite thing but it is something that is necessary. It can provide you with the best coverage that you could get at your structure. This is related to a sense of security. Just make sure you are prepared and you should be good to go.

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