Top 4 Ways to Protect Your Van This Winter

Whether you’re a plumber, a delivery driver or a mobile dog groomer, if your livelihood depends on your van then you need to take protective measures to ensure it is in good condition. Although the winter months might still be a while away, it is never too early to think about how you can maintain your van. After all, if your vehicle does break down, you will find it difficult to make a living. Here are a few effective ways to protect your van this winter.

1. Invest in a High-Quality Van Lock

Your van is probably one of your most valuable assets, and you will want to make sure you avoid vehicle and property theft. Unfortunately, a business van is an enticing target for opportunistic thieves. The least you can do is check your locks for wear and tear, and keep them lubricated. Try to use PTFE spray monthly in the summer and biweekly in the winter.

If you keep your van loaded with expensive tools during the day and store equipment in it overnight, you will want to up your security, and investing in a high-quality van lock can help protect it from theft. The most popular types of van locks are dead locks, slam locks and hook locks. Van Secure are a van security specialist, and they can give you sound advice on how to secure your van. They offer a range of locks and can help you choose the best locking system for your vehicle.

2. Undertake Regular Maintenance

Besides keeping your locks maintained, you should also check your vehicle regularly and service it. With a hectic work schedule, it is easy to forget to maintain your van; however, scheduling in a regular service can help keep it running smoothly. If your van is not due a service for a while, it is advisable to keep an eye on the fluid levels, the tyre pressure and the motor oil to prevent potential issues in the future.

3. Keep Your Tank Topped Up

Keeping your tank full in the current climate might sound steep, but a broken down van can be even more expensive. During the winter months, condensation can cause problems in an empty tank, as once water accumulates it can cause rust and damage your engine. Furthermore, a near empty tank can freeze in harsh conditions. Therefore, by keeping your tank full you can avoid these types of issues.

4. Add a Layer of Wax

A dirty van on the roads is a common sight. Besides looking unprofessional, it can also cause your van to deteriorate quickly. In the winter, sand and salt is often used to de-ice the streets. These elements can end up sticking to your van, scratching it, and causing it to become rusty. By cleaning your van regularly and adding a layer of wax, you can protect your bodywork from dirt and debris accumulated from driving. Not to mention, your clean and shiny van might also help attract potential customers as you drive from A to B.

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