How to Handle Situations Maturely

Situations are the all-time survival object for us. These are the situations that made or break the person. But the problem with situations is that it’s never in our hands. We cannot change the current situations but can change the interpretation of them. The question is in everybody’s mind that how to handle situations maturely? What is maturity? A what age we get maturity? Or how to know if someone is mature or not?

We will encounter all these points step by step. However, these things which are not taught in our schools play a big role in our whole life. We encounter several events, for which we were never prepared. Let me ask you one question, have you ever find yourself hating your parents? Or just opposing their point of view? Well, we all did. So what is the reason for so?

What is maturity?

From our birth to adolescence, whatever we experience becomes our belief. For example, in childhood, we all tried to eat mud or crayons and tried to touch the hot utensil and we are taught to not do that. Hence, we get mature by experiences and our surroundings. For example, if you stay with well-educated parents, who teach you good things you will mirror their qualities. But if you stay with irresponsible parents who always argue with each other or don’t give you enough learnings and time you will mirror their behavior.

But when we start going to school, we got to get a lot to learn from that environment. We participate in debates, exams, and various other activities. However, every environment we are exposed to influences our thinking and behaving skills. We don’t act like a kid in high school. Because we know how to act now. Similarly, when we go to a university, we change even twice from our school days. The environment and company affect us a lot. Somehow we start to think differently than our parents, our other friends, our neighbors. But do we get mature in our college life? The answer is maybe yes. It varies from person to person. You may get across a person who is older than you but not mature enough. And on the other side, you may meet a teenager but having brilliant thoughts.

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Although, the word maturity is different for all. It is to get responsible, for some, it is caring for family, and for the rest others taking their own decisions. And similarly, every person has their own definition.

What are the traits of being mature?

  • Being able to communicate
  • Being able to think practically
  • Think before speak
  • Do not judge others
  • Help yourself and others
  • No more interested in temporary things
  • Do not trust easily
  • Respect others perspective as well
  • Don’t expect from others
  • You respect change
  • Don’t seek social validation
  • You know what you should do
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • You have self-control
  • A wide vision
  • Can spend time alone
  • Prefer few friends instead of a large circle

How to handle situations maturely?

Maturity is not about knowing everything and have experience of everything, but being able to think peacefully before running on any impulsive decision. When you can sit and acknowledge the situation, you are on the ladder of maturity.

Here are some easy and peaceful trick to handle a situation:-

Acknowledge the situation

Whenever we are in any difficult situations we tend to lose our patience and just start fumble. The situation could be anything, whether it’s about the loss in business or having conflicts in the family or with some close friend. For some, it may be not getting appraisals or not getting promotions even after working hard.

Hence, for all these problems you need to first acknowledge the situation wisely. For example, if you have conflicts in relationships, you should first need to know what is the reason for so. You can’t read the other person’s mind. To find a solution you must go and talk with the person patiently and find the solution instead. If the problem is about work life, then you should communicate with other colleagues and boss if important. Running into illusions and imagination are worst when the solution is practical.

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Communication as a key

You know what, communication simplifies a lot of conflicts, whether it’s professional or personal. So, whenever you find yourself thinking about someone and imagining irrelevant events, stop yourself and make a call instead. Talk and clear your mind. Knowing half is more dangerous than knowing nothing. Hence, always keep your mind clear of doubts and confusion.

Set a plan

When you are in mental chaos, develop your plans. See what you can do to solve the issue. You have to be patient and optimistic while thinking about solutions. Take a pen and paper, write the problem and try to reach out the solution by reviewing the problem. Write what you can do to solve this. And try to implement it step by step. When you change your interpretation from a problem to finding a solution, you grow.

Do what you can change

There are times when we are helpless and hopeless. In that times find things that you can change. Focus on your strengths and capabilities. For instance, if you have conflicts at work. Then, you cannot change everybody’s thinking but can change your attitude and habits which are creating the problem. If you are not getting promotions, then you cannot do something, but focus on your growth, appreciate others, don’t show that you are affected negatively. You can change your attitude. You will get the motivation to work even harder.

One more example, if there are conflicts in your relationships, just see what is missing. Try to fill the spaces. Fulfill your responsibilities and work. The rest is not in your hands understand it. If the other person is not happy with you or suppose to change you is not gonna work for sure.

You need to be yourself always, you can’t change the whole thing but some.

Leave what you can’t change

If you can’t change something then it’s better to leave it. If you spend your time pleasing others or doing what’s not gonna make any solution, you will drain all your energy. Hence, try to focus on what you can do. Efforts are worth it when there is any chance. So, take it easy and try to let go of certain things.

Improve your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is to handle your emotions, feelings, frustration, anger, and all those feelings which distract you. Things should be thought out of the box, to take the right decision. Thus, develop a good mental state by exercise, meditation, self-talk, and self-awareness. Always keep in mind that you cannot take decisions to satisfy your ego or to make someone down, but to make the decision safe and right for everyone instead.

Seek for help

We all should have at least one person with whom we can share all goods and bads. Share your problem and ask for help when you have tried everything but couldn’t find any solution. But keep in mind that the person should be well qualified for giving you the solution. There is nothing wrong with asking or seeking help in hard times. If the other person is your true friend, he will help you.

Focus on what you will get

The best part about hard times is that it teaches you the best lessons of life. Every wound you get gives you two choices, either to become wounded or wise. Hence, when you come out of any hardships or hard times, you get one step closer to wisdom. In the future, you can advise someone else according to what you have experienced. Isn’t it great that you will have something to give? Otherwise, we always stay needy throughout our lives.

Find a mentor

Mentors are very important for learning. Whether it’s professional life or personal. We need someone to show the path. Finding a mentor doesn’t mean that you should follow them. The best part of having a mentor is that you will learn from their mistakes. You should logically think about everything which needs to be in your way. A mentor works as a supporter, you will make you realize your mistakes and appreciate your efforts.


Situations are hard to handle and how to handle situations maturely is the common question for all of us. We have to learn to acknowledge the situations first and to set up a plan for the solution. The good side of hard times is that it teaches you a lot and always keeps you one step forward in the future. Change what you can and leave what you can’t. Having a mentor will give you support and a vision to grow in life.

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