How is Blog Writing different from Article Writing?

The world of writing seems to be really simple at the front but as you delve into the depth of it, you will find the complications here. Writing is of several types and each type has its unique style that makes it different from the others.

You begin by writing essays and continue till writing your thesis. Let us understand it in a simpler form. How do you differentiate between a novel and a drama? I guess this is the easiest thing we can differentiate in.

A drama contains dialogues and is in a conversational form while a novel is a narration by either the writer or from the viewpoint of a character chosen by the writer. Study help me is a writing services provider who gives all assignment writing services in the world.

In a similar manner, blogs and articles differ from each other. Writing them is not as simple as providing essay writing services but not as difficult as writing a dissertation. Let us discuss a few points of difference between them:

  1. When you are writing a blog, you have no compulsion of including things demanded of you. Blog is subjective in nature thus it contains more of your opinion and less of facts and figures. While when you are writing an article, your work has to be domain specific and you should be more objective while listing your points. For example: If you are writing an article about the plight of rural women in India, your work must include research and reports on it, if possible surveys and interviews and live examples. All these things provide credibility to your work and it becomes more like research paper writing in this aspect. While if you are writing a blog on the same topic, you can give your personal opinion, your personal experiences like those of your grandmother may be, and the like.
  2. Since blog is a work of your own choice thus no compulsion and pressure involved but in case you are writing an article, the opposite happens. Article writing can be done for various works like online sites, newspapers, companies and organizations, businesses, etc. Thus for whichever category you are writing an article for, it should adhere to the format prescribed. For example: If you are writing articles for a company’s product promotion then your article must contain certain positives or features of the product that would attract the customers towards it. Similarly if you are writing for a newspaper, it should be more topic-oriented, containing points from current affairs as well as in a problem-solution format. Thus different works involve a different style of writing article.
  3. In case of writing a blog, minimal or no research or interviews are required but in case of writing articles they are required and are an indelible part. For your article to be abundant in facts and figures related to the topic, you must have researched well. Now, if you are asked to write an article on the India-China relationship, you will have to research about their past and how the situations have developed between them till present. Only then your article will offer something interesting to read. Similarly while writing a promotional article, you should have well researched the product and its features, to aid its success.
  4. Blogs are usually smaller in length than articles because blogs are subjective and articles are abundant in research work.
  5. Blogs offer a single perspective to the readers while an article covers and analyses all perspectives and thus gives a conclusion just as we do in research paper writing.
  6. There are certain Search Engine Optimization(SEO) keywords that blogs have to adhere to so that blogs may reach a wider audience and become viral. For example, a blog on eating disorders must contain the title itself and it may contain keywords like, ‘health issues’, ‘nutrition deficiency’, etc. Whereas keywords are not an essential part of article writing. You may or may not include them in your work.
  7. Remember that articles are more formal in nature and thus demand an impeccable grammar and spellings. Your article is made available to a large number of well-informed as well as well-read people. Any sort of discrepancy may lead to a loss of faith in the content of the company sharing the article. Thus good spelling and grammar are unavoidable in articles. In the case of blogs, spelling errors are excused because the work is not that professional, therefore all errors are credited to the writer and are included in opinions by people.
  8. Now that we have discussed so many points, it is evident that blogs have a more casual way of writing while articles, being professional, are written in a more sophisticated manner. You hit the nail on the head in case of an article and achieve the desired purpose.
  9. Blogs don’t go through the process of editing and are self-published whereas before your articles are ready for publication, a professional editor does the task of editing the work thus making the workerror-free and ready for publication.
  10. Blogs provide you less amount as your earning, since that is freelance work. Article writing may provide you a good sum of money, articles being professional in nature.
  11. Blogs are always open for opinions and criticisms but article writing rarely includes the same. Articles contain more objectivity thus criticisms are less expected. You must have seen online sites providing you help with your homeworks especially essays. Just as essay writing services are one-way, so are articles.

Therefore be it article writing or blog writing, both of them have their own advantage and their own set of audience. None can weigh greater than the other because both have their specific tasks assigned. At the end of the day what matters is that your word is reaching a larger group of audience in a more sophisticated manner.

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