Five gift ideas for someone who loves reading books

We all have that person who loved reading books, be it fiction or nonfiction. They love to read, if you are thinking about the kind of gifts that you would like to get for them, then the gifts according to their preference are what one should always opt for their dear one’s. You must be already aware of their likes and dislikes, and this is the time when you can surprise them with the books and remind them that you appreciate them as well. The books would be ideal for them, and there are so many things that you can get for them.

Finding a gift for one’s loved one on any occasion becomes impossible. One must be prepared with everything, and there are the preferences, the budget that has to be taken into account and many more things that one needs to care about, ensure that you are paying attention to these things and are giving them something that will be according to their choice. If you are thinking about the gifts that you can get along with the palatable online cake delivery, then you need not worry. To ease your work out, here are a few ideas that you can consider for your loved one:

The book-shaped cake

The cakes would be perfect for their occasion, and the cakes are bound to remind your loved ones about the love that you have for them. This is when you can ensure that you are opting for their favourite cake and are surprising them accordingly. The cakes are just delicious. Since you are aware of their favourite things, then this is the time for you to get them a book-shaped cake and surprise your loved one on the day of their special occasion. The cakes would be loved by them. Ensure that you are keeping the list of necessary things and letting the baker know about any requirements that you might have when it comes to the cake and surprise your loved one accordingly.  

The collage of quotes

If you know that they like books, then you must be aware of their favourite books and every book has specific quotations that they must have loved. You can make a collage of these along with the book and the author’s name and frame it and surprise them on their special day.

The books

Since they love reading books, they must be maintaining the reading list as well. You can ask them about that and get the first five or the first three books. You can even get to know about the kind of book that they are reading and surprise your loved one with the entire series of that book. The books that you have got for them will be loved by them, and the books are hard to miss as well. They are the source of knowledge and inspiration. It would be best if you surprised them with a few of their favourite ones.

The handmade bookmarks

One of the frustrating things that happen while reading is that there are no bookmarks around when one needs them, and since they love reading, you can make some bookmarks for them and surprise them. This will make their reading experience much easier, and they will be able to pick from where they left. Otherwise, there are times when one has to look for the paragraph where they have left from, and since one is unable to find it, one needs to read the few pages again and then realise that they have already read that. Bookmarks are an ideal choice. You can always look for DIY ideas and give them to your loved one.

The flowers

This will create a little greenery in the room, and this is when you can opt for the vibrant flowers for them. You can even opt for the mixed bouquet for your loved one as well. The flowers and the fragrant bulbs that they have will enable them to read more peacefully, and you can always opt for the online flower delivery for your loved one and surprise them on a particular day. You can opt for the books along with the flowers as well.

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