When Should You Contact an Attorney After a Traffic Accident?

Finding yourself in the midst of a traffic accident can be a truly harrowing affair, and alongside the potential physical and phycological trauma that you might be facing, having to confront the legal complexities of the situation may feel like an impossible struggle.

It is nonetheless imperative to think about whether or not you need to reach out to an attorney, as this could make all the difference between receiving the right compensation or not.

If you did not know where to start, here are some points to help you decide which route is best to take moving forward.

If You Were Injured by a Commercial Vehicle

Road users share the lanes with some seriously powerful transport vehicles, many of which are managed by immense corporations with experienced legal departments.

If you were injured by a commercial vehicle, there is no time to waste in reaching out to a highly experienced law firm. Failing to do so could result in you jeopardizing your chances of finding the right compensation, especially if you are up against a large organization.

For some deeper insight into how the experts can help you in this situation, you might want to check out a great truck accident attorney in Scottdale, as this is a good example of what to expect from a specialized service.

If Your Insurance Company Will Not Help

Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you have to face the stress and the various other consequences of the accident itself.

If your insurance company is failing to recognize your claim, has not given you enough compensation, or you disagree with the amount you have already received, it’s time to pick up that phone at dial-up the legal experts.

If Your Injuries Are Preventing You from Working

Injuries can take a while to make themselves known, especially if they are head injuries. If you feel as though the result of the collision is stopping you from working or your condition is worsening, you could be entitled to more compensation.

In this particular eventuality, processes can get a little tricky, which is why the help of a trusted law professional can be so immensely valuable.

  • Tip – It is worth keeping detailed notes of your condition and activity throughout the recovery process, as this can substantiate any claims you might make. This includes medical bills, the cost of transport, and the income you may have lost from being out of work.
  • Extra Tip – Great law firms offer free consultations, so do not be afraid to take full advantage of this.

If You Need to Get Vehicle Repairs

If you need to get your car fixed later down the line, hire a rental car, or purchase a new vehicle, but your insurers are hard to pin down, a good attorney will likely help out your situation.

If You Are Unsure

There is no harm in reaching out regardless, as you have everything to gain from doing so.

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