What is a Prefabricated Office Building?

Wooden prefabricated buildings involve premade pieces that are constructed off-time. According to UA Builders Group, 84% of detached homes are built using prefab elements. Prefabricated structures can also be combined to form modular offices the desired. So if you need more space, modular buildings could be your answer. These structures are designed and built almost entirely on-site to provide short- and long-term office space for companies in need.

Modular offices are quick and convenient when you need an office on a short-term basis or if your company is busy but doesn’t have the space for more employees. You can use modular offices to grow your business and accommodate your needs. Prefabricated modular office buildings can also be permanent additions to main buildings, providing more space.

Prefab vs Modular: What is the Difference?

Prefab and modular are essentially the same. Prefab typically means that something has been constructed offsite and intends to be assembled elsewhere. For example, structures could include window panels, walls, staircases or floors. A modular building is built offsite and then put together on-site, with fundamental dismantling. That’s why they’re faster to make – fewer workers on the construction site. Whereas a prefabricated building has been constructed before it arrives at the site, a modular building is built on-site.

Benefits of Prefab Office Buildings

Prefab office buildings bring many benefits, such as:

  • Cost-effective: A prefab office building is a cost-effective solution because it already comes with premade, repetitive rooms in a factory setting.
  • High quality: “Prefabricated construction” occurs in an indoor, climate-controlled factory. This process ensures that the building quality is high. Modular offices are often constructed using steel framing so they can last a long time and be durable.
  • Sustainable: Prefab office buildings are becoming increasingly popular because of the time and resources saved by making it easy to relocate and build with less waste.
  • Convenient: One of the benefits of a prefab office space is that you can put it up quickly. This means they’re perfect for small- or medium-sized businesses who need to get their office up and running fast.

Types of Prefabricated Modular Office Buildings

Prefab buildings are a great option if you need to set up an office quickly and don?t want the hassle of constructing the building yourself. Some common types include:

  • Commercial Businesses
  • Industrial campuses/manufacturing plants
  • Disaster and emergency relief
  • Construction/job sites
  • Government and military buildings
  • Schools and classrooms
  • Church buildings
  • Healthcare buildings

Prefabricated Modular Office Cost

Prefabricated modular office buildings can be bought or leased.

  • Short-term leasing: A short-term lease usually lasts for one to two years.
  • Long-term leasing: Our leasing term typically ranges from 2 to 5 years. But if you’re looking for a different lease, we offer indefinite leases, which can last forever!
  • Lease-to-own: Leasing to own your purchase can be more economical than keeping your current lease.
  • Purchasing: If you know you’ll need office space for more than five years, purchasing upfront may be the most cost-effective solution.

Prefab Modular Offices Available to Lease

Leasing prefab modular offices is a perfect solution for those who need temporary space. They might be an excellent option for companies undergoing construction, relocating, or in a situation where they need to make room quickly. Leasing is also available for more permanent space solutions since we offer both lease-to-own and indefinite leases.

Prefab Modular Offices for Sale

You might consider purchasing a prefab modular office building if you’re looking for a long-term or permanent space. By buying a prefab office, the cost is typically lower in the long term.

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