Serverwala: Know How Dedicated Server Brazil Will Help Your Business

If you are hosting a website that receives lots of traffic per day, that makes your website sluggish. Then, you need to upgrade your hosting. For that, you have many options. But you should choose the Dedicated Server Brazil hosting. This is because it gives you more power, an independent hosting environment, more security, customization, server control, reliability, and much more exclusive benefits at an affordable price.

So, if you want to know how the Best Dedicated Server in Brazil will help your business, you need to go through this guide. Let’s get started with the basics.

Know About Dedicated Server Brazil

A Dedicated Server is a type of internet web hosting that gives you more power, dedicated resources, independent hosting environment without any sharing. This means you can host small to large scale websites like E-commerce, Gaming, online shopping, HRMS portals, and much more. Further, it gives you Dedicated RAM, colossal storage, unlimited bandwidth, backups, server access, optimal performance, fast speed, etc. All these exclusive services help your business to grow and generate high revenue.

Further, Dedicated Server Hosting is categorized into two parts: Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting.

How Managed Dedicated Hosting Brazil is Best?

In Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, the web host handles, manages, operates, and maintains your hosting for you. Further, it lets you away from server maintenance and management hurdles that arise in your hosting. This means you just need to focus on your sales and the rest of the things handled by your web host.

Look at the things that your web host do for you:

  • Server management and maintenance
  • Software Updates
  • Hosting Setup
  • Data and information Backups
  • Ensure smooth functioning
  • High Availability of Resources etc.

Apart from the managed hosting, you can also choose the unmanaged Dedicated Server if you have a limited budget and the best technical knowledge. With the basic plans, you will get the bundles of benefits that we discussed below.

Advantages of using Brazil Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is the most prominent web hosting platform among the rest of the web hosting because of providing enterprise grade resources. It also gives you high caliber benefits that are listed below:

Optimal Performance: Performance is the fundamental factor for every business website because it influences the users to stay for a long time on the website. Thus, you get seamless performance with the Dedicated Server Brazil, ensuring increased traffic on your site.

Highest Uptime: Uptime value is determined in percentages, whereas the excellent matter is 99.99%. It ensures the top position of your website on the Google SERP pages. That’s why a Brazil Dedicated Hosting provides you 99.99% uptime with their hosting plans.

Root Access: When you host and run your business website, one thing that you need the most is root access. This is because you will not necessarily get the round the clock support from your web host. So, you need to make the instant configurations for security reasons. For that, dedicated hosting gives you complete administrative control in your hands.

Scalability – Without scalability, it’s not possible to meet your business website requirements. Therefore, Dedicated Server Brazil hosting enables you to scale up your resources whenever required for your site.

Standard Security: If you host a site that includes sensitive information like employee details, billing statements, credit debit card details, bank details, etc., you need to secure all this data. For that, a Dedicated Server provides you SSL, DDoS protection, Malware scans & protections, firewalls, and much more.

Customization – This is one of the most beneficial factors of choosing the Dedicated Server in Brazil that you get the flexibility to customize your resources (Storage, Memory, bandwidth, etc).

If you want to employ all these benefits of a Brazil Dedicated Servers, you need to opt for a trustworthy web host provider like Serverwala. Let’s dive into the depth of it and know whether or not it is beneficial for your business.

About Serverwala

Serverwala is a leading provider established in 2015 to cater to its world-class services across the globe. However, the company now serves more than 10K potential customers globally and has received many awards. Further, Serverwala provides you with the highest security, optimal performance, reliable network connectivity, robust hosting infrastructure, user friendly environment, root access, reliability, and consistent technical support. So, you can ensure the high availability of resources to boost and optimize your site to rank it on a Google SERP page. Further, it provides many web hosting services, including the Best Dedicated Server in Brazil. So, you can buy these plans at an affordable price.

Serverwala Best Plans and Packages of Dedicated Server Brazil

Best Plans and Packages

The Company Serverwala provides a vast range of web hosting services, including the Cheap Dedicated Server Brazil Hosting. It categorized the plans based on the operating system. This means you can either choose a Windows Dedicated Server or a Linux Dedicated Server. Let’s check the plans and pick the best one.

Most Unique Features of Brazil Dedicated Server

Operating System Choice: Select your operating system to run your business website from Windows and Linux. If you want a user friendly OS, then go with the Windows Dedicated Hosting; else, choose the open-source OS based hosting -Linux.

Server Configurations: Do all the server configurations efficiently with the Brazil Dedicated Server Hosting in one click.

Control Panel Choices: Select the Plesk panel and Cpanel License based on your selected operating system.

Hardware Choices: Choose reliable and robust hardware equipment such as Random Access Memory, Solid State Drives, Bandwidth, Number of CPU cores, etc.

Advanced Data Security: You can secure all your website data with the best and advanced security measures of a Dedicated Server Hosting Brazil. This is because it gives you DDoS protection, Firewalls, Antiviruses, Malware Scans & removals, etc.

Server Management: Manage your server as you want for your website, install custom applications, update services, uninstall software, ensure more security, etc.

High Resources Availability: Dedicated Hosting Server Brazil Hosting gives you the devoted resources, hence no sharing with other sites. This ensures high availability for your website.

24*7 technical support: With the Dedicated Hosting Server Brazil Hosting, the company serverwala provides round-the-clock customer and technical support. So, you get a better and instant response with the best solutions and instant troubleshooting services.

All these features are reliable and best to handle high traffic and maintain your website’s traffic stability, performance, and speed. Thus, you can host a large website like an E-commerce platform on a Dedicated Server Hosting Brazil.

Why You Should Host an E-commerce Website on a Brazil-based Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is best for corporate organizations, commercial websites like an E-commerce platform. In E-commerce sites, site speed, web page load time, and performance matter a lot. This is because it increases traffic, improves SEO rankings, and gives you an end user experience. Further, with the help of a Brazil based Dedicated Server, you can optimize your site and experience optimal performance with the improved speed with less downtime.

-Server Flexibility: With the Brazil Dedicated Servers, you get the highest flexibility. The flexibility for customization, to scale up your resources, to make configurations, etc., for smooth functioning.

Secure Hosting Platform for large companies: As you know, a Dedicated Server is an expensive plan than the rest of the web hosting, thus providing heightened security measures irrespective of their cost. So, you can secure all your website’s essential data with it.

-Maintaining IP Reputation: Dedicated Server Hosting Brazil hosting gives you a complete set of reliable resources that belong to you. Also, you get a unique IP address that you won’t have to share with another website. This means decreased risk of affecting your site and an increased chance of maintaining IP reputation.


A Dedicated Server gives your online business an independent platform for hosting, a set of dedicated resources, a unique IP address, reliable network connectivity, exclusive benefits, rich in features, and consistent support. All these help your online business to grow rapidly in the web hosting market. Therefore, buy the best Dedicated Server Hosting in Brazil by Serverwala to enjoy all the high caliber and enterprise grade services to maximize your ROI without making a huge investment.

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