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5 Tips To Choose Best Carriers For Your New Pet

Much like humans, pet animals also need to step outside of the house for several reasons – it could be you taking them for a routine checkup at the vet’s or tagging them along with you for a long-distance journey. During such cases, you will need to choose a sturdy and reliable carrier.

These are boxes or crates with a specific design to hold your pooches inside without discomforting them when transporting them from one place to another. While there are plenty of types and designs available in the market for pet carriers, your furry friend’s size and build will ultimately help in decision making. – Canada’s pet listing site has a detailed breakdown of five checks you must do while buying a pet carrier for your furry companion.

1. Durable Mesh and Floorboard Is a Must

The best dog carriers must come with a durable mesh. Most pets are born with the tendency to scratch, bite or claw things in front of their sight. The presence of durable mesh in your carrier will be able to hold firm against your pet’s exploits. It will prevent the pet from achieving a mid-journey escape. Hence, you must get your pet accustomed to the carrier until the travel date arrives.

Your preferred pet carrier must provide a sturdy floorboard. Every carrier can support your pet ably without necessarily turning into a hammock in the long-term. It must also offer the option of wash-ability. It could exceptionally be helpful in case your pet has a toilet emergency. A washable floorboard will allow you to clean furs and food particles conveniently to keep the surface clean for the animal inside.

2. Check the Door Locks And Zippers

There are plenty of pet carriers available in the market that feature doors with a zipper to locate the entry. This could be significantly beneficial if your pet doesn’t agree with you on remaining inside the space.

The locking system comes with clamps and zippers, sometimes supported by door locks to keep your pet from planning an escape. Use the zipper for putting or retrieving the pet effortlessly. Plenty of pet parents have agreed that zippers come in handy when they don’t willingly enter or exit the carriers.

3. Consider Visibility and Size

It would be best if you had a good understanding of whether your pet is shy when outside or enjoys the open world. Such knowledge will be instrumental while selecting the pet carrier.

There are animals for both cases – one category prefers to remain isolated due to their shyness, while the other gets curious upon witnessing the mad rush. You can choose a carrier with mesh depending upon your puppy. Also, it will contribute to adverse weather conditions.

Before buying a carrier, do not forget to measure your pet from the top of their heads to the tails. This is imperative to give them some additional space in the carrier. Pets need to sit and stand comfortably within the carrier. So, buy that carrier, which is at least 3 inches taller and wider than your pet.

4. Designs and Colors Suitable to Your Pet

There are plenty of options to explore when it comes to designs for pet carriers. Each is different from the other, most carriers feature a handle and even include a shoulder strap for smart convenience.

And then other carriers provide attachments for sitting on top of suitcases with a double-bar. You must figure out your preferred way of traveling before selecting a carrier design for your pet’s traveling.

5. Types of Carriers to Choose for Your Pet

This is the essential point to consider when it comes to choosing pet carriers. They can be of different types – soft, hard, carriers with wheels, sling carriers, backpacks, and cardboard carriers. Depending upon your pet and requirements, choose the style.

  • Carriers with soft sides – If the pet is small or medium, has a very gentle nature, and you are traveling to nearby places like restaurants or shopping, these are ideal and easily portable.
  • Carriers with hard sides – Are you traveling long distances? Is your pet medium or longer? Opt for these sturdy and bite-resistant carriers made of excellent quality plastic and polypropylene to provide extra security and comfort to the pet.
  • Carriers with wheels – Carrying the carriers on your arms for a long time can be a big problem, especially if your pet is heavier. Choosing wheeled-carriers will solve this issue as you can easily pull it behind you. But, they are not suitable for mountains and rugged areas.
  • Backpack pet carriers – Do you want to make the pet an integral part of every outing? Then opting for these convenient and portable backpacks is ideal for small pets.
  • Sling carriers – They look fashionable and very suitable for all small pets, whether they are young or adults.

Final Words

Not all pets react well upon seeing their freedom summed up into a pet carrier. If you are not mindful enough, your ignorance might affect your pet’s mood and temperament further down the line. Try picking from the habits of your pet first before deciding on buying a carrier. Next, follow the tips mentioned above to get the best carrier. Then start slow and don’t force the carrier on your furry friend. Give them time to adjust so that both you and your pet remain comfortable on the day of travel. Canada’s online classified sites to post ads for sale, buy and sell pets, puppies, search jobs, vehicles, vacation rentals, services. Add a new listing.

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