France Dedicated Server: Grow your Business amidst the Pandemic

The spread of Covid 19 has badly hit businesses in France and all across the world. With Restrictions and Lockdowns one after the other it has become very difficult to operate a Store-based-Business. But even during these hardships, online businesses supported by powerful web hosting are flourishing and accommodating significant growth.

It is because a Robust Web Hosting Platform not only provides better resources and security but also helps in substantial business growth. We do not mean the Shared or VPS server by strong web hosting, but the superfast France Dedicated Server. It is in-built with premium hardware specifications, high-security protocols, and advanced resources for lightning-fast website speed.

In this article, we will provide you detailed information about the France Dedicated Server. Also, we will highlight the benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting France for Businesses in these unprecedented circumstances.

Why Dedicated Server France?

Why not choose the Shared or VPS Hosting but the France Dedicated Server? Is this the question in your mind? Well! Here’s the answer.

In Shared Hosting, a single server is deployed to numerous users. So you have to share everything from Resources to Bandwidth and Storage resulting in limitations on your business growth. Also, the Shared Server is unable to handle traffic surges, even if any other user over the network has a traffic spike it impacts everyone’s performance.

On the other hand, the VPS Hosting also offers a Shared Network. But you get some advantage over the Shared Server. In VPS a limited set of resources is deployed to every user so that no one else can utilize your share. But contradicting it a Hypervisor is also installed which gives the idle resources of one user to other.

Hence, due to so many limitations, a Shared or VPS Server will limit your online growth. While the Dedicated Server France overcomes all these drawbacks by providing a completely independent server with best-in-class resources. You are the sole owner with complete control of your server. It helps in accomplishing fast loading speed, easy traffic management, and various other essential benefits required for business growth.

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How France Dedicated Server will benefit Businesses in these Tough Times?

With restrictions on Physical Stores, a strong online presence can help you attract new customers. But it is only possible when you provide the best user experience to the visitors. So below are the important benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting France explaining its importance for online business growth.

Get More Control and Flexibility

With your own server, you have the freedom and flexibility to control and manage it as per your needs. It allows you to meet the changing business needs with the best server configurations. The France Dedicated Server gives you the SSH Root Access to add new software and services required for your business. Also, the resources can be tailored according to you. You have to pay for the custom server fulfilling all your needs and may exclude the resources you don’t require.

Advanced-Grade Security

Access to the Dedicated Server is granted only to the company purchasing it. No one else could avail the data or utilize the resources impacting the speed and performance. With a single owner their no risk of a Spammer or Hacker being present in the server network. The Dedicated Server also protects your sensitive data from unauthorized access through Firewalls and Server Monitoring Tools. The DDoS Attack prevention protects from huge disruptions caused by DDoS Attacks. Further, it prevents Viruses and Malwares through Malware Prevention.

High Reliability

You can easily rely on the France Dedicated Servers for handling traffic spikes or protecting sensitive data. The Dedicated Servers are located in Data Centers backed up by redundant power supply and internet connectivity. The High Uptime of the server maintains the continuous operation of your website. In order to cut your hosting expenses if you choose a poor hosting plan, you may lose your potential customers. So, choose highly reliable Dedicated Server for business growth even in these times.

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Protection from Malicious Users

When you use Shared Server there are dozens of other users over the same network. You never know which user can be a threat to your website and data. So, to stay away from malicious neighbors you need the Dedicated Server Hosting France. With no one else over your server, you are protected from users with malicious intent.

Superfast Speed and Performance

With all the benefits given above, the speed and performance of your website will see positive growth. With ultimate control and flexibility, you will be able to build the set of resources required to enhance your website. Also, you will be protected from unwanted security threats. Additionally, the advanced resources and high reliability will ensure hassle-free website functioning. The France Dedicated Server will provide the unbeatable speed and performance necessary for improving the overall website experience and achieving better SEO rankings.

Which is the Best Hosting Provider for Dedicated Server in France?


After understanding all the important benefits given above, you must have determined to choose or upgrade to the France Dedicated Server. But to begin you need a reliable and trustworthy web host. So, after comparing the plans and services of various hosting companies we bring you the Best Dedicated Server France from Serverwala. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the Plans and features of Dedicated Server, let’s get a brief overview of Serverwala.

Serverwala is a global web hosting company providing various hosting services across 200+ countries. It had served thousands of customers and had been rewarded with multiple awards and recognitions. Their hosting services are affordable, reliable, and of top quality. Along with Dedicated Server, they also provide Shared, VPS, Cloud, Cluster, and Colocation Services.

The features of France Dedicated Hosting are as follows –

  • SSH Root Access
  • High-Speed RAM, SSD, and Intel Core Processors
  • Superfast Bandwidth
  • Option for Customization
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Unique IP Address
  • DDoS Protection
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Server Setup
  • Any time Customer Support

Summing Up

We hope that the Corona Virus goes away very soon and everything turns back to normal. But till the time it is here and even after it’s gone the growth of online businesses is now unstoppable. People have developed a habit to shop online, so to stay in the market and grow you have to provide the best website experience to your visitors. The various features of France Dedicated Server will help you in that leading to earning higher revenue and business expansion.

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