The Top Best KBC Winner 2021

KBC which is stands for Kaun Banega Crorepati is an indian television game show which offers the huge amount of price for those who participate in this show. This show was introduced in India on 3 July 2000. In a very little time the show became popular in India especially in middle class people because of its enormous prize. Winners were able to win the amount of one crore (1-crore) Indian rupees in the first few seasons of this show.

Kaun Banega Crorepati or KBC is based on United Kingdom U.K show “Who wants to be a millionaire”. One of the main reason for the popularity of this show is that this show were presented 5 seasons, season (1,2,4,5,6) by Amitabh Bachchan who is the super star of Indian film industry Bollywood and one season, season-3 by Sharukh Khan.

KBC is a quiz based show in this show the host will ask you different types of question framed by the authority. The prize money will be increase gradually after every correct answer asked by the host. To make a good amount you need to answer more and more questions.


Siddhartha Basu is the owner of this show.


In this technology era it’s very easy to participate in KBC winner show. If you have mobile with sim don’t worry you have chance to become a crorepati. Now a days the internet facility is common around the world same in India. Now every single person own a mobile phone, an internet connection and Sim card. If you have also this thing than you are able to participate in this game show and win a huge amount of prize.

The Jio network made it easy for the people of India to play a lottery through their mobile phone and win the price.

Anyone who is interested in this game of lottery they need to register their number with the JIO HEAD OFFICE network website and gaming links. Through process of automatic selection a lot of people from India are able to participate and test their fortune. There are the names of multiple persons who win the prize of KBC winner 2021.


There is no need of specific degree or academic record to enroll in KBC. If you are 18 years old or above and you are citizen of India, then you can enroll yourself in the KBC prize. No one is allowed to enroll on the behalf of another person.

One special news for you is that no matter you use any network you can register yourself in JIO HEAD OFFICE, to try your luck this is a big opportunity in your hand.This is the responsibility of Candidate to obey and respect the Rules and Regulation of the game.


KBC change the life of the people especially the middle class people by winning such a huge amount of prize. The presenter of the show Amitabh Bachan says about the show that KBC is a life changing practice for him as he meets with successful people.

Theere are many KBC WINNER 2021 who received the winning price of twenty five lakh Indian rupees (25 lakhs), the KBC winner 2021 one lucky person name Mr Sono raj earned a price of 25 lakh rupees from the game Kaun Banega Crorepati KBC, the smile on his face during receiving the prize amount was prized.

Now, you also check your lottery online. You don’t need to go anywhere or spend your balance on call. Just visit the official website and check your lottery online on KBC portal. KBC is making sure to provide every possible facility to their valuable customers so you can get benefit from it and check your lottery free of cost.


An important note for the participants. In this era where the technology become at peak and due to this, the world become a global village and you can connect with anyone you want through out the world and now the life is easy for the people also cyber-harassment and fraud cases become very common.

KBC received a lot of compliant from the people who participate in this game from the doubtful text messages, calls and WhatsApp. After investigation it has been detected that scammer use fraud phone number and also fake email IDs to contact with people. So protect yourself from such scammers if you mistakenly contact with these scammer in this case KBC will not responsible.

One of the easy way to know about the scammers is that they always want to know about your sensitive information such as account detailed and other private information and want to collect money from you so if you face such case then please contact the KBC head office immediately and report those type of messages and email IDs.

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