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WordPress is the best content management system worldwide majorly used for everything; may it be personal blogs, business websites, eCommerce stores, or portfolios. It currently has more than 55000 plugins and more than 31000 themes. This makes it the first choice for owning a blog. It is no surprise that there is a great number of WordPress developers available. But how to hire a professional developer and what elements to look for when hiring a WordPress development company?

What To Look For When Hiring A Remote Wordpress Development Company?

In today’s fiercely competitive world with ever-growing technology advancements and innovations, having a powerful online presence is crucial. Whether we talk about virtual learning or booking travel tickets, the internet has created the opportunities to fulfill every need with the fewest clicks possible. WordPress is the most helpful content management system that makes businesses grow digitally and make information accessible worldwide. Since launched, WordPress has progressed a long way.

Essential facts of WordPress

  • WordPress has a grand share in the market of Content Management Systems.
  • It is posterior of more than 14% of top websites worldwide.
  • A lot of websites are created using WordPress each day; far more than other platforms like Squarespace and Shopify.
  • The WordPress directory emphasizes more than 55000 plugins.
  • WooCommerce – the open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress – drives 20+% of the top eCommerce websites worldwide.

The devastating pandemic of COVID-19 has shattered people and businesses everywhere in the world. Ensuring business continuity has become difficult due to lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing. Many entrepreneurs are now wrestling with the major challenge of launching WordPress websites and achieving seamless performance. However, hiring a professional WordPress developer can be a feasible solution to overwhelm the challenges.

Reason to hire a remote development company

Remote development companies work wonders of ventures that take the right steps in the right direction. Entrepreneurs have now understood in the course of the Corona pandemic the essentialities of remote developers to ensure the critical support offered to the online business plans. So, let’s see what makes hiring a remote development company vital amidst the Corona outbreak.


Guaranteed service continuity – The outbreak of Coronavirus has left many companies rushing to adopt new methods to downplay the environmental impact. Moreover, working remotely has become a new way of dealing. Having remote workers handling your project ensures business continuity as well as the safety of your people.

Remote developers perform their duties in a different time zone. This ensures someone attending your project around the clock. Additionally, the remote team of WordPress developers will work as a different unit while supporting your in-house team lessening the post-marketing experience.

Access to Talent pool – Remote WordPress development dilates ranges to pick from a huge international talent pool of programmers equipped with the latest skills and novel technologies. If you hire a remote web development company in Florida, you are likely to work with well-trained, highly-skilled, and talented developers offering you the best services at competitive rates. In comparison with an in-house team, remote services can result in stronger development capabilities.

Saves resources to focus more on other essential areas – Having a professional WordPress developer working remotely at your website development project, you can get enough time to handle the core business areas and focus more on enhancing your business. Furthermore, it will save you considerable time and money.

Better work environment – The ultimate video conferencing tools make the remote developers feel more connected than those working inside the office environment. Remote workers foster better work culture; not only for the developers but also for other team members. However, remote culture helps developers show enhanced productivity without hindrances often common in an unregulated environment since the in-house teams have to handle various core activities.

Best tips to consider when hiring remote WordPress developer

So, if you are thinking of hiring a remote WordPress development company for your business, considering some simple tips can perhaps benefit you in the process of hiring an expert.

An expert WordPress developer builds WordPress websites. Besides, the person also offers you innovative ideas, execute and create beneficially right solutions, and also integrate and upgrade the sites. The developer you hire will expertly recommend you the best way to implement a system that fulfills your particular business objectives. The team may also advise you installing a premium WordPress plugin, or may suggest creating a custom checkout system based on your specific requirements.

Explore self-starters – It is vital to learn and assess the WordPress developers’ skills of task management and communication. Also, it is essential to check if the developer can tackle challenges when dealing with clients.

Skill-based tests and code – Let the WordPress developers resolve an imaginary scenario for coding using the best practices of WordPress coding. It is crucial to check what coding knowledge the developers have including knowledge of languages, tools, and frameworks.

Partnership Skills – Remote developers will work from a different location, so it is vital to ensure that the candidate is comfortable communicating with your in-house team.

Review references – Experience is not to be overlooked. Verify what you can see on the paper and what is being told to you in the meeting. Also, confirm all the references offered to verify the claims made.

Final Note

One of the significant elements to survive in the future is to achieve consistency of services and provision of the best quality at the same time. Getting help from a professional web development company in Florida can be your best progressive step. Hiring expert web developers have always been in existence for years to live in the competitive market and will indeed be the ideal solution for a successful future.

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