Benefits of Using Modular Cleanroom Panels

While investing in a cleanroom, you check whether it is pre-manufactured, reusable, consistent quality, and flexible. Modular cleanroom panels ticks all the boxes in their own right. At Sai Sheva Service, we provide premium quality modular cleanroom panels and installation. We will offer our expert guidance from the initial design of the cleanroom to the commissioning process.

What is a modular cleanroom?

In a fast-growing industry, modular cleanrooms are essential for their robustness and quick installation. A cleanroom is a room where the environment is controlled to decrease the pollutants such as aerosol particles, airborne microbes, dust, and chemical vapors. They are generally used in manufacturing industries such as medical, pharma labs, examination rooms, research and development facilities. In such a sensitive industry or application, even the minute particles can hamper production or manufacturing or packaging processes.

Cleanroom Products

Modular cleanrooms are also called modular hard wall cleanrooms for the hard walls used in their construction distinguishing them from modular softwall cleanrooms. Modular cleanrooms are of three types. Such as:

  1. Softwall PVC panels
  2. Clean rigid PETg hardwall
  3. Panel system

Modular Cleanroom 3DModular cleanroom installation

The design and size of any cleanroom depend upon the requirements and standards that are to be maintained. The construction of manufacturing, assembling and commissioning of the components in keeping with the design of the classroom. The designs include two systems. Such as:

  • Mono-block system: It is made of two metal facing walls or ceilings that are powder coated. They are machine-tight tolerant and are made by the design of cleanrooms. These types of walls are usually used in the pharmaceutical industry and other heavy-duty industries for mostly fixed layouts of rooms.
  • Modular wall system: It is a single shell or double shell walled system. Modular structures are made of various objects, such as glassware, aluminium every each or other types of panels used in applications of semiconductors. Modular cleanrooms are easily adaptable to any layout or changes required in the production.

Benefits of using modular cleanroom panels

A portable cleanroom is cost-effective, ISO approved, and can be assembled anywhere to produce pharmaceutical, military, scientific applications. Let’s look at modular cleanroom panels’ host of advantages:

  1. Construction speed: Speed is the only constant in any manufacturing industry. Building a permanent cleanroom can be time-consuming and expensive. With very little time to spare, you can build a modular cleanroom anywhere within the fraction of the time used to build a permanent cleanroom.
  2. Flexibility: offering cleaner construction, modular cleanroom panels are interconnected with aluminium profiles for uniform joints and are well-built. Its construction does not cause dust pollution, noise, or disruption. Individual panels allow machine entrance, servicing, and maintenance during operation, not possible with traditional construction. The walking ceiling is devoid of mezzanines, an expensive fixed structure, ensuring maintenance staff doesn’t enter the cleanroom furthering contamination.
  3. Integrity: with air flushed doors, offering air-tight and high resistance to various pressures, acts as a barrier to the outside environment. This protects the sterility and integrity of the cleanroom which traditional structures cannot offer.
  4. Cost-effective: Traditional outlay is time-consuming and expensive as it needs labor and materials for a longer period. Whereas, modular cleanrooms offer more space as the walls are not as thick as the cement wall of traditional structures. A modular cleanroom can be built anywhere with limited workers within a short span of time. They can be reused unlike traditional structures increasing renovation costs. If not needed, they can be sold off to benefit from accelerated depreciation.
  5. Cleaning friendly: Cleanliness is essential for maintaining hygiene in any controlled environment. The modular cleanroom is compatible with the strong cleaning methodologies that are required. Unlike traditional cement wall structures, modular walls and ceilings do not shed, so they remain devoid of contaminants and particles, making it easier to protect the environment.
  6. Consistent quality: Modular cleanroom panels are consistent, quality products with zero variation. The modular cleanroom can give the same appearance and performance at the present and in the future.
  7. Safety: Modular cleanroom panels are cloistered with Rockwool that prevents the outbreak of fire, giving it the edge over the cement walls of traditional structures.

Dos and don’ts inside a cleanroom

Despite all the efforts to keep the cleanroom free of radicals, the biggest variable is the people;e. Let’s discuss the dos:

  • Utmost precaution is taken while coughing and sneezing.
  • If you have a cold, don’t go into the growing room or service area to blow your nose.
  • Take the best initiatives for airflow. It’s of prime importance that the product gets air first.
  • Use only an approved pen and writing pad inside the cleanroom.
  • Remove pieces of jewelry and personal items from your body before entering.

And the don’ts are:

  • Don’t bring your items such as a pen, paper, watch, food items, etc.
  • Devoid from wearing mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, hair styling products, perfumes, nail polish, etc in the cleanroom.
  • No physical touching or leaning on equipment or surfaces.
  • No unauthorized person inside.
  • Touch only what you are working on. Even touching your face is not allowed.


In fast-growing industries, you need to have quickly installed cleanrooms as they cost less, are reusable, and can even be sold off when not needed anymore. Sai Sheva Service offers each and every cleanroom product, partition, ceiling panel, wall, and modular door system. For high-quality customized HVAC products, visit our website for more information or free estimates.

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