8 Key Factors to Consider Choosing the Right Storage Unit

Self-storages and rental storage units are a great way to manage the space at your place. It not only keeps your home clutter-free but also gives you the opportunity to utilize your place in a very minimalistic approach.

Eight things to consider before choosing the right storage unit for your need

However, when it comes to choosing the right storage unit for your place, you need to consider a few factors so that you can make the right decision. Choosing any random storage unit can expose your belongings to the danger of fire, flood, or any other hazards. However, you do not have to worry at all when you know the necessary considerations to make while choosing your mini storage in Victoria. Here is how you do it.

1. Ensure the proper measurement for the storage unit

While choosing the moving and storage in North Vancouver, you must not want to pay more for a space that is huge enough for your belongings. At the same time, you must not want to deal with the small storage place, which is not at all capable of holding all your essentials.

This is why it is highly important that you are finding a storage unit that is accurate with its measurements. The right amount of storage space must be able to accommodate all your belongings while leaving some extra room so that you can add your additional things later.

You can go through a size guide before choosing the proper storage measurement. You can list down all the items that you want to store. Then find the storage unit sizes which can offer the space for all your items.

2. Check whether it is the self-service storage or it is the full-service one

Before you pick storage units in Victoria for your necessary belongings, you must check the service type. The full-service storage units control your access to your belongings. To access your things, you have to provide notice on when you want to access your essentials. Also, some of the full-service options might pick up and deliver your items.

On the other hand, the self-services storages are great for better flexibility. With the self-service storage units, you can have the facility to access your unit and belongings whenever you want. But for better security, the full-service storage units are more convenient.

3. Surveillance and safety

Surveillance and safety are one of the must-have essentials that you should consider while choosing moving and storage Vancouver. While choosing a storage unit, consider how secure their services are.

While picking the storage unit, ask the service provider whether there are video monitoring facilities or other surveillance systems which will be keeping an eye on your unit. Also, if they have a manual monitoring system, make sure you are asking them whether the security guard is reliable enough or not.

4. Location of your storage unit

The location of your moving and storage in North Vancouver is one of the vital considerations to make. The place where the storage unit is located needs to be picked attentively. If you want to have access to your belongings, then you must have a storage unit that is closer to your place.


But if you are getting a full-service storage unit, then the location might not matter a lot as you can get the facility of home delivery of your belongings whenever you want. If you want to find a better deal, then you can consider hiring a location that is outside of urban areas where often the cost is low.

5. The temperature of the unit

Based on what kind of belongings you are having; you might want to have temperature control in your unit. If your items demand the facility of temperature control, then you have to look for such facilities in the service provider.

However, getting a temperature-controlled storage unit might be expensive for you. But it will definitely ensure that your belongings are staying in good condition.

6. Climate controlled unit

The climate situation can deteriorate at any time. There is no need to explain how a bad climate can affect your belongings any time if you are not considering a climate-controlled unit for your needs.

Why do you need a climate-controlled unit for your storage?

You will need the climate-controlled unit for the storage purpose for the following reasons.

  • If you are having precious jewelry, metals or heirlooms, or antiques, then to safeguard such essentials, it is highly important that you have a climate-controlled storage unit.
  • To keep your important files and documents intact and safe from the climate, such kinds of storage units can help you much.
  • A climate-controlled storage unit can keep your furniture and appliances safe from any kind of deterioration.

7. Fees and cost

While choosing the best storage unit at your convenience, you must not forget to check the fees and the cost. It is recommended to go through a price comparison between two or more storage units to understand which one is giving you the better deals. Here are the considerations that you must make about the pricing.


  • Type of contract the storage unit service providers offer
  • The minimum length for the time requirement
  • Consider if there are any kind of additional fees included or not
  • Availability of the month-to-month storage options

8. Reviews and ratings

Before you make your final decision, it is better to look at the ratings and reviews of the storage unit. You can go through a complete checking of the service profile and check the reviews of other customers.

Also, you can consider talking with other existing users to get their feedback about the service providers, which can help you in easy decision-making.


So if you are looking for an appropriate storage units near you, make sure that you are getting all such facilities in open service. For a convenient storage unit service provider in North Vancouver, contact UPAK Storage that offers a very convenient service at a very affordable rate.

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