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Common Problems and Solutions for Sliding Glass Doors

Adding a sliding door to your home makes you want to enjoy the view a lot more. It brings the natural sunlight inside your home during summer. And beautiful snowy displays during the winter. At the end of the day, it makes your home look beautiful. But, to maintain your beautiful haven, you need to address the most common issues as soon as you spot them.

We at K.N. Crowder, home to the best sliding door hardware, Canada, have decided to shed some light on the topic, so your sliding doors last longer. We are going to describe the common problems that occur in sliding doors and how you can fix them.

5 Common issues and their solutions

1. A sliding door that slides with too much friction:

If you are experiencing this problem, do not worry. Debris stuck in the track of the glass is usually the criminal. It might be anything like dust, dead bugs, or even your furry friend’s hair.

Luckily, this doesn’t take an expert to fix. You can simply use your vacuum cleaner to suck out any debris stuck in the tracks. For places that you cannot reach with the vacuum cleaner, try using a small brush or try blowing the debris out using a blower.

This should fix your hard-to-open door. If it is still tough to slide the door, you may need to look into the roller height. Over time your rollers may go deeper into the door. You can adjust it by simply turning the height adjustment screws clockwise.

If it still doesn’t move as freely as before, feel free to reach out to the best manufacturers of sliding barn door track, Canada. Our hardware gives you the smoothest sliding experience ever.

2. The door makes funny noises:

Imagine you have a gathering at your home. You wouldn’t have to clink glasses to grab the attention of everyone. Your sliding door’s funny noise will do it for you if anyone slides the door. If you are encountering this problem, it means that you need to lubricate your rollers.

A dirty roller is usually the cause of this problem. Or your roller wheels are just worn out. First, you must start by lubricating the tracks and not the rollers. Lubricating the tracks will provide enough lubrication for the rollers as well.

After spraying the lubricant, move the door back and forth a couple of times. If this solution fixes the problem, you wouldn’t need to check for worn-out parts. Our sliding glass door hardware, Canada will provide you with long-lasting hardware that doesn’t require much maintenance.

3. The sliding door doesn’t close properly:

This might be the result of a faulty latch. It usually needs a technician to attend to the issue. You can try to remove the latch yourself. But, you must be careful not to drop the latch inside the frame. This is why you will need a technician to remove and replace the latch.


Sometimes the latch works, but the door won’t stay closed unless you lock it. In that case, you can always contact the manufacturers of sliding glass door hardware, Canada to find the best hardware.

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4. Sliding door’s glass damaged/shattered:

You might need to step down from being the expert for this one. You need to address a broken glass immediately. Why? Because you simply can’t leave your home open! So, call for professional help as soon as you can.

You need to check whether there are any damages to the frame. If not, you only need to incur the costs of replacing the glass, and not fixing the whole door. A professional will usually check for any other issues with the glass door.

They will measure the dimensions of the frame before placing the order. After they receive the product, they remove the trim and the left pieces of glass. Then, they will place the glass in the gaps and secure it with trim and some adhesive.

5. Weather seal isn’t of much help:

Do you feel like your sliding door is that cause for the uneven temperature inside your home? If so, you must check the weatherstripping. Weatherstripping, when installed the right way, lasts longer and saves your electricity bills spent on temperature control.

You can do this yourself by starting to remove the weatherstripping. Take a screwdriver and remove the staples. Using any tool similar to a knife, scrape the strip off from the surface. After removing it entirely, clean the surface. You must thoroughly remove any glue residue on the surface. A clean surface greatly improves the performance of your new weatherstripping.

Now, follow the instructions on the new weatherstripping you bought to install it. Be sure to secure it properly throughout the length of the door frame. You can even opt for various kinds of weatherstripping based on the climatic conditions you live in.


Sure, glass doors are one of the most beautiful things you can add to your home. But, you need to ensure that you give proper care to your hardware to make sure it lasts long. You can always find the latest and the most durable hardware to suit the looks of your home. Good quality products often last longer and significantly reduce the risks associated. Try choosing a professional service, it saves your money and time.

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