Electrical Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home

If you are improving your home to put it on the market, consider an electrical upgrade. Upgrading your electrical system is a great way to add value and aesthetic appeal to your home. According to Landmark Home Warranty, simple electrical projects can provide a 230 percent to 400 percent return on investment.

Here are the top 3 electrical upgrades that add value to your home:

1. New switches and outlets

Replacing old switches and outlets is an inexpensive way to make your home look and feel new. It is also a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Childproof power outlets can make your home more appealing to homebuyers who have kids.

2. Under-cabinet lighting

Your kitchen is one of the most important areas of your house. So, expect homebuyers to pay a lot of attention to the space when touring your home. Give your kitchen a modern, sophisticated look by installing under-cabinet lighting. This small addition to your kitchen is a great way to increase your property value.

3. Landscape lighting

Your yard is the first thing people will see upon entering your property. To attract homebuyers to come and take a look at your house, consider investing in a landscape lighting installation. Industry experts say that outdoor lighting can return 50 percent of the costs. Besides improving your home’s curb appeal, landscape lights also add security and allow greater use of your yard even after dark.

Consult a licensed St Paul electrician

If you are planning to make electrical repairs or upgrades in your home, make sure to consult a licensed electrician. Professionals can best advise you on the right type of light fixtures to use and their proper placements in your home. There are a lot of reputable companies to partner with in St Paul today. To help you find the best contractor to hire, check online reviews and call out references. Make the move now!

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