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The Right Cost to Custom Cabinets Potomac? A Clear Understanding

Whether classic, modern or country-style, your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and its renovation should be a project in its own right. A place of gathering and exchange par excellence, your kitchen must be ergonomic and totally adapted to your needs.

Made-to-measure cabinet: for a turnkey service

There are many manufacturers of custom kitchens in the province of Potomac. Far from the large surfaces of general furnishing, the kitchen designers offer a personalized service where each customer receives a particular attention. Moreover, the showrooms are often accessible by appointment to be sure to have an expert who can devote himself to the customer during his visit.

Custom kitchen cabinet Making


The way it works is quite simple, a first meeting is made with the kitchen designer to establish your needs and inform you about the products offered. Subsequently, a designer moves to your home to take the necessary measures. Once done, it will design a 3D plan so that you can visualize the finished product.

Why choose custom cabinets for your kitchen?

Not to mention the choice of design, making custom cabinets ensures you are informed about the different materials that make them up. In large furniture stores, employees are first and foremost salespeople, not materials specialists.

Strength, durability, cost and ecological characteristics associated with the product, all these aspects will be perfectly defined to obtain a tailor-made product, the cabinet.

Very often, the showroom is equipped with a material library which will allow you to have an overview of the materials and colors offered. Thus, you will be able to visualize the different optics of lacquers, polymers, wood veneers and any other material allowing you to imagine the finished product.

Price overview for custom-made kitchen cabinets

The price of labor varies from one kitchen designer to another and is often included in the final price of the project. However, the price of materials and hardware can be set based on their quality and the paint.

Here is an approximate price how much does it cost to custom cabinets Potomac:

Melamine – Starting at $ 15 per linear foot

Melamine is a material that is characterized by its smooth finish offering the possibility of reproducing the finish of wood, such as white oak, bamboo or walnut. Ideal for modern style kitchens, melamine is inexpensive and fits most budgets.

Polymer (or thermoplastic) – Starting at $ 25 per linear foot

This material offers a wide choice of colors, models and finishes. The polymer has this possibility of being easily molded to the platforms on which it is applied. It is thus possible to produce reliefs and models of doors that look like wood, without the use of gaskets.

Polyester – Starting at $ 25 per linear foot

Polyester doors feature a natural color and texture that resembles that of wood. Moreover, this material adapts perfectly to doors with moldings. It is resistant to scratches and heat, in addition to being easy to maintain.

Acrylic – Starting at $ 60 per linear foot

Acrylic has the advantage of remaining unaltered by the sun and retains its shine over the years. Ideal for kitchens with a modern design, it is very resistant to shocks and shines like glass.

Lacquer – Starting at $ 80 per linear foot

The lacquered appearance is perfect for giving a luxurious and prestigious appearance to your wardrobe doors, since it gives a high-end and refined touch to your furniture. For a minimum of $ 80 per linear foot, you will have the choice between several finishes such as satin, opaque or gloss (which is however more expensive).

Wood – Starting at $ 100 per linear foot

Timeless, wood is suitable for all styles of kitchens. This ancestral material gives an undeniable cachet to your space and can be painted or stained to match the rest of the furniture. The wood has a noble, warm appearance and can be stored for decades.

Handles – Between $ 5 and $ 40 per piece

After tackling the subject of cabinet panels and doors, it’s time to tackle the hardware store. In stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze, aged copper or brushed nickel, the materials of the handles are endless. The price strongly depends on the material you choose, but also diverges depending on the dimensions and design of each piece.


You will understand, in tailor-made the manufacturers do not do in half measures! No compromise to make, you choose the design, materials, hardware and color of your cabinets. However, this little luxury comes at a price! And for good reason, a real team of designers, cabinet makers and installers will work on your project and will offer you the best results.

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