Brush up Your Customer Service Skills and Add Up to Customer Base

Most of the businesses follow customer centric approach and realize the significance of good customer care service. Many businesses, due to poor customer service lose their business every year.

This is one of the major reasons to improve your customer service skills to see your business grow. Many budding entrepreneurs are setting up a business that offers the best customer service.

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Once the business is set up successfully, they can work on the customer service skills. To help you learn the skill of customer service, here are few points to consider:

1. Active Listening

Active listening works everywhere wherever human interactions are concerned. Similarly, it is an important aspect of customer interaction.

Active listening can be practiced anywhere and with anybody i.e. with your family, friends, and acquaintances.

While having an interaction with your customer, he should feel heard, understood and served. The concept of active listening applies to every conversation.

The main aim behind every conversation is to focus on the speaker and with a learning intention. Once you are finished with the conversation, ask questions to ensure you have understood what was being said.

By practicing active listening, you will not only serve your customers in the best way possible, but also will see an improvement in your relationships with your family, friends and office colleagues.

2. Be empathetic

Being empathetic is one of the major aspects of best customer service. Empathy is when you can understand the situation, needs, concerns of the customer and where do they come from.

Empathy is another skill that can be acquired through practice and mastered. Some people may have this skill naturally, while other may have to acquire it.

While interacting with the customer, try to be in their shoes and imagine how they will be feeling in that given point in time. This trait helps you brush up your skills and help deal with your customers in a better way.

Customers may be able to say their concerns more clearly if they feel the receptivity from your side. Many a times, just by listening and understanding the customer needs, you can de-escalate an issue.

3. Positive Language

Positive language works wonders while having an interaction irrespective of the person and the level. While dealing with your customers, use positive language that sounds good to ears and motivates your customers to talk.

Using positive language lightens up the situations and motivates your customers to be transparent with you. Words have the power to make or break any relationship.

In your language, you can use more of positive verbs. For example, instead of saying “do not press the option 1” you can say “option 2 is the best for you”.

Also, use positive phrases in between to make your customers feel good such as “Good question”, “I would like to know more about your concern”.

Staying calm when the customer is angry will placate the customer and keep the conversation light and friendly.

4. Improvement in your Technical Skills

Be clear with your technical concepts in order to serve your customers better. You may deal with different customers with their varied problems.

If you do not know how to raise a service ticket instantly, you will be wasting their as well as your valuable time. Customers may come to you for simplest of the problems; you have to be clear with the technical part to give a quick solution to their problems.

5. In-depth knowledge of your business

Be clear with the range of your products and services. The information has to be on your tips to cater to the various needs of the customer.
It is advisable to have a deep knowledge of your entire product range to pass it on to the customer. Having the appropriate knowledge will help you to cater to the customer in the right manner.

In case of a customer issue, you can help them with the right product tricks and tips and resolve their issues.

6. Common Ground

To establish a quick connection with the customer, look for common grounds where you can answer the queries of your customers.

When you are dealing with your customers on phone or an email, you are unable to see their expressions and body language. To avoid these issues, look for a common ground for the interaction.

7. Clear communication

Clear communication is the basis of any healthy relationship. Clear communication in terms of writing and verbal communication forms an important part of customer service.

While dealing with your customers, you should have clear answers, your diction should be correct and your answers should be concise. Everybody wants their queries to be resolved quickly and your focus should be on the same thing.

8. Value Customer Feedback

The best way to understand your customer is through their feedback. You may provide with whatever solution if the customer is satisfied with your service, you have justified your job.

You may carry out different surveys and questionnaires to know your customers feedback. Evaluate them correctly and understand your discrepancies to make your customers happy and satisfied customers.

Once you are aware of the areas where your customers demand excellence, you will be able to better deal with them and acquire the best customer skills in the industry.

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