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Advantages of Using Ceramic Floor Tiles for Your Home

Ceramic tiles are durable, economical, and widely used in homes. In addition, owing to its adaptability and resilience, the demand for ceramic tiles has increased many folds. Tiles warehouse Mississauga provides the best range of ceramic tiles at an affordable rate.

The best raw material manufacturers our products at tile flooring companies Mississauga. We have years of experience and expertise in manufacturing tiles for all kinds of houses. Tiles are a great option due to their longevity and design options.

Here are a few advantages of using ceramic floor tiles for your home.

1. Health Benefits

In a health bulletin released by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA), the health benefits of ceramic tiles are highlighted. It is suggested that apart from homes, hospitals should also use ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are safe for occupants since they are free of formaldehyde, PVC, VOC, and hypo allergens.

Flooring and ceramic tile Mississauga complies with TCNA standards to provide its customers with chemical-free tiles. Our ceramic tiles are made with the best quality clay, sand, and glass to keep you safe and healthy.

2. Durable

Ceramic tiles have a long life because of their toughness and crack resistance. With proper care and careful installation, ceramic tiles will last up to 10 to 12 years. Moreover, if a tile cracks, the replacement is simple and hassle-free. Ceramic tiles provide an aesthetic look with wear and tear resistance. It is perfect for places having high traffic and rough usage.

Tile flooring company Mississauga provides you with the best ceramic tiles options for durability and resilience. Our tiles will last for ages with proper installation and maintenance.

3. Easy Installation

Installation of ceramic tiles may not be a simple DIY task, but it doesn’t need heavy machinery or experts. A simple masonry effort can install ceramic tiles with ease. All you need is a layer of cement or tile backer to fix the tiles. It is economical, doesn’t require extensive labor, and can be installed quickly.


Home-owners can also install their tiles with little effort and guidance. Ceramic tiles are light and suitable for multi-story buildings. In addition, owing to its strength, it is also preferred in business establishments, schools, and other similar buildings.

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4. Economical

Ceramic tiles are one of the most economical flooring options for homes. The cost is as low as $5 per square foot, including installation cost. Although as the quality and strength increase, the cost may go up. National Industry Statistics show that ceramic tiles are a great option to save money. It provides a great finish and offers customers an assortment of choices at an affordable cost.

At Dixie tile flooring company Mississauga, we provide the best quality tiles at the best prices. The tiles are available with a variety of designs and patterns to choose from. In addition, we provide the toughest and the most elegant ceramic tiles at a very affordable cost.

5. Easy to Maintain

Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain and water-resistant. It has a glazed coating that gives it a lustrous finish and makes it easy to clean all kinds of stains. Because of its water resistance feature, ceramic tiles are perfect for wet areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. In addition, stains, liquid, and dust don’t seep inside the tiles, making them easy to clean with a multipurpose cleaner and cloth.

Even the routine maintenance of tiles is easy. All you need is a soft detergent solution to wipe the floor. For stubborn stains, you can use a strong cleanser to remove the stain without damaging the tiles. Replacing damaged tiles is easy and does not require a complete change, as in PVC floors or carpeted floors. A proper installation with care will last your floor for decades.

6. A Variety of Designs to Choose

Ceramic tiles are manufactured with modern techniques creating a variety of patterns in tile design. Ceramic tiles can be matched and mixed with motifs, custom designs, or accented mixed patterns. In addition, ceramic tiles can be designed to replicate the look of hardwood or marble. Moreover, the tiles are also given different shapes of a rectangle, triangle, or plank.

Tile warehouse Mississauga makes a good choice for your home floors and walls. We have a wide range of eye-catchy designs to give your house the right look. We have plenty of options of color, style, design, and material for you.

7. Environment-Friendly Option

Ceramic tiles are made from clay, sand, and glass and do not use any chemicals. Therefore, it is a safe option for the environment as well as your home. The glazed surface also does not allow any chemicals or allergens to seep inside.

At tile flooring company Mississauga, we use recycled products adopting environmentally friendly practices. The absence of volatile chemicals makes our tiles safe even in places having high temperatures. In addition, ceramic tiles add an insulation layer protecting your home from extreme cold and extreme heat weather conditions.


Ceramic tile flooring is an excellent choice for homes. It is an economical, durable, and low-maintenance option. In addition, it is safe for your health and friendly towards the environment.

At DixieTileShop a tile flooring company Mississauga, we provide you with a wide range of tiles according to your need and budget. We have a team of experts who will guide you with all kinds of details and suggestions. We know a house is a dream for all of us, and we make it happen for you.

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