Advantages and Disadvantages of Greenhouse Gas

The greenhouse effect is a natural process that increases the earth’s surface and temperature gradually. In the morning the sun’s energy reaches the earth’s surface and some of it is reflected back to space during the evening and the rest is absorbed and re-radiated by the greenhouse gases. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of greenhouse gas with the assistance of Assignment writing help experts.

Let’s give a brief look on Greenhouse effect:

Day by day with the increase in earth’s surface and troposphere caused by the presence of water vapour, carbon-di-oxide, nitrous oxide, ozone, methane and other gases present in air. Among all the gases, water vapour has the largest effect on it. The role of Ozone plays a significant role in global warming.

These gases are poor absorber and unable to prevent the solar radiation which enters the earth’s atmosphere. This leads to an increase in earth’s temperature.

What’s the problem?

The increase of carbon-di-oxide has resulted in temperature imbalance. The main problem which we face of late is due to human activities – particularly by burning fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas etc, clearing forest and agricultural land for making buildings lead to the concentrations of greenhouse gases resulting in increase in earth’s temperature. Melting of glaciers, erratic temperature conditions are the other consequences of it.

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  • Its Positive Effects

Besides having a lot of disadvantages, it has some advantages too. Some of it are discussed below-

  • It supports and Promotes Life

Human beings and other existence of life can survive in certain temperatures. It holds some of the earth’s heat so that it doesn’t all escape into space. It helps to maintain a certain temperature level on earth.

  • Protection from Harmful Things

It protects all living beings from the harmful solar radiation. It particularly blocks the portion which is harmful for living beings. The example is that UV rays are blocked by Ozone.

  • Benefits for Plants

By photosynthesis plants make their own food which needs Carbon-di-oxide, water and sunlight. Carbon-di-oxide plays a significant role here. In the absence of it plants will not be able to make their food.

The contribution of greenhouse gases for the earth deserves praise. As the level of carbon-di-oxide increases rapidly, it may lead to greater food production.

  • The Negative Effects of Greenhouse Gases

Though it has a lot of benefits in maintaining the existence of life on the earth, it has some disadvantages too. Some of these are
Global Warming

As the greenhouse gases absorb the solar radiation and hold it as a result it increases the earth’s temperature rapidly. Burning of fossil fuels, clearing of forest and cultivation land lead to increase in earth’s average temperature and climate.

From the last few years we have been facing summers with high temperatures compared to previous decades. As a result, human beings are using Air conditioners, Refrigerators etc more which are also a cause of increasing the temperature.

  • Increase in Water Levels

As the earth’s average temperature increases, it leads to a steady increase in the water level due to melting of ice in two poles. It leads to massive rise in sea water levels beyond the safe levels. It may cause flooding in low lying areas and devastation of flora, fauna and lives. Additionally it creates a danger for the existence of penguins and polar bears in Polar Regions.

  • Destruction of Marine Life

The rapid increase of Carbon dioxide leads to destruction of marine life. Due to more concentration of Carbon dioxide, the alkalinity level of sea water increases. This has become a serious threat to marine life.

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