5 Medical Jobs in Demand Due to COVID-19

Healthcare jobs are on the rise ever since the pandemic hit the world. New hospitals and medical facilities are under construction, and it alone is increasing the need for healthcare workers. 

From doctors and nurses to psychiatrists and general physicians (GPs), hospitals are hiring for these positions after thoughtful consideration. These positions are in demand more than ever. In Australia, there has been a rise in medical clinics, healthcare facilities for seniors, and hospitals to treat COVID. There’re vacancies available for GP jobs in Port Macquarie and other parts of the country. 

With all that said, we’ve gathered some information about the medical jobs that are in demand due to the COVID-19 crisis in Australia. 

Registered Nurses

A hospital cannot run efficiently without the contribution of the nurses. In a way, they are the first point of contact after admission. Registered nurses work in clinics, hospitals, and senior care facilities. They treat individual patients at their homes as well. There’s a wide scope to grow in the nursing profession. They can obtain the position of a director or manager after a few years in the service. 

Many hospitals search for nurses who are good at dealing with patients, communicating with them clearly, and advising the best treatment plan, or suggesting a specialist. 

General Practitioners

General practitioners or family doctors work in a hospital setting, taking care of patients and diagnosing their health-related issues. They can also prescribe treatments, give orders to conduct medical tests, and interpret test results. In a layman’s language, they treat patients for general health problems and suggest a suitable specialist if the problem is severe. You can apply for permanent GP jobs in Port Macquarie through medical recruitment agencies, such as Medfuture. Their team can help you connect with relevant employers. 

Physical Therapists

Patients who are recovering from any sports injury, joint replacement, or accident visits a physical therapist. They work directly with patients treating them for minor and major physical injuries. If a patient finds it difficult to walk after an accident or a sportsperson is unable to heal timely, a physical therapist comes to their rescue. Nowadays, it’s a great medical career as it yields long-term benefits. 


As discussed earlier, there are different ways to deal with pandemic-related health issues. Over the months, we have realised the importance of mental health and why it’s important to pay attention to holistic healing. The pandemic had caused several people anxiety issues, fear, stress, and trauma. To deal with such mental illnesses, people are visiting psychiatrists in a large number. This job has proven to be effective as far as addressing mental health issues is concerned in times of COVID. 

EMTs and Paramedics

Treating COVID patients is a priority, and hospitals need Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics to control the situation at hand. They are the first responders to critical and emergency situations. You can find them transporting patients to hospitals and making sure they are taken care of well. Although this job comes with challenges like long working hours, it allows you to save lives. 

Besides these medical careers, locuming is also one of the professions that stay in demand throughout the year. The reason being locum doctors can fill in the vacant positions immediately, especially if there’s an urgent need for doctors at any medical facility. 

If you’re a fresh medicine graduate or working as a physician or nurse in Australia, you can connect with the Medfuture recruitment specialists to find a job of your choice. You can apply for locum GP jobs in Port Macquarie, Warriewood, Lismore, and Byron Bay through their job portal. 

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